Sankyo Headjoints

The headjoint and embouchure hole are considered the most important parts of the flute since they enable the flutist to produce and control the sound.  With Sankyo headjoints, both edges of the embouchure have been slightly rounded and the plate height and embouchure have been altered to allow for a larger and richer variety of tones.

Sankyo offers several types of headjoints to suit the preference of different flutists. The price of each flute includes the headjoint style of the player's choice. 

RT: A modified version of the original Sankyo wave-style lip plate design, the RT style is characterized by a full, dark, strong tone with impressive clarity and secure response. The RT style provides the freedom to achieve a very solid, powerful sound with an endless capacity for the airstream.

ST: Featuring a rich variety of tone colors, the ST styles is warm and expressive. The depth of sound is exceptional, allowing for spin ad projection with smooth fluidity.

FT: This style is known for its alanced resonance, providing consistency between the registers. The FT style is responsive and reliable with crisp and clean articulation.

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Sankyo Grenadilla Wood Headjoint

This Sankyo grenadilla wood headjoint has 4.2mm tubing.

Sankyo Grenadilla Wood Headjoint with Lip Plate

This Sankyo grenadilla wood headjoint has 4.2mm tubing, lip plate

Sankyo .997 Pure Silver Headjoint

This Sankyo .997 pure silver headjoint has 0.38 tubing and .997 silver lip plate and riser.

Sankyo 10k Gold Headjoint

This Sankyo 10k gold headjoint has 0.33 tubing and 10k gold lip plate and riser.

Sankyo 14k Gold Headjoint

This Sankyo 14k gold headjoint has 0.30 tubing and 14k gold lip plate and riser.

Sankyo Sterling Silver Headjoint

This Sankyo Sterling Silver headjoint has a 0.38 tubing and .925 lip and riser.