DeFord Flutes

DeFord Flutes

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Mr. Emerson DeFord may have made more hand-crafted flutes than anyone. It is a strong statement, but then again he has produced flutes under such brand names as DeFord and Emerson since 1952. The years have come and gone and still the master of the flute sits behind his bench hammering and cutting each and every part of the instrument, some 380 parts in all. All DeFord Flutes and Piccolos are 100% U.S.A. made.

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DeFord DF-5B Flute

Sterling silver headjoint, silver-plated body and keys, open hole, B foot.
$1,850.00 $995.00

DeFord B-flat Flute D'Amore

This DeFord B-flat flute d'amore has a silver-plated headjoint, body, and keys, silver lip plate and riser, inline G, plateau keys, C foot.